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Meet The Team

Kraig Anderson

Kraig was born in Oregon, but has spent time living in Massachusetts’s, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, and now Chapel Hill, NC. With a Marketing Degree from Utah State university, Kraig started his post-college career in sales. After deciding that the office life was not for him, Kraig jumped on his motorcycle and never looked back. Kraig had now installed gutters and guards on thousands of homes in Raleigh and the surrounding area.

Kraig's comfortable with heights

Kraig has no fear of heights, he has climbed TV towers over 1,000 feet tall with no fall protection. Climbing since he was born you can rest assured that Kraig knows what he is doing on your home.

Kamron Heath

Kamron was born in Wilmington, NC but has lived in Raleigh most of his life. Straight out of high school Kamron started working in the gutter industry. Having tried college and deciding it wasn’t for him, gutters are all he knows. That’s why he’s the one to handle the most complicated and difficult downspouts you can throw at him.

Early on in his career he became known as “Doctor Downspout” and “Big Head.” While he accepts one with pride there isn’t much he can do about the other. With Kamron on the job your water control solutions are right around the corner.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least
try to do something remarkable?”